jeudi 23 novembre 2017

Moby Dick

Have read the damn book some months ago. I didn't like it to be honest, but how the whale is described struck me because I've never seen any adaptation that matches the picture I had in mind. So be it! I did that during a bunch of breaks at work.

It's based on a picture I found on Google 'cause I didn't wanted to spend too much time on the whale itself. I only draw and "dressed" it. Please note that I keep a good yearly rhythm with my drawings...

vendredi 30 décembre 2016

Galaxy Storm

This one has a funny story: while working on WRC 6 and Isle of Man TT: Ride on the Edge, I was often stuck in waiting for something to load, to build or to start. Sometimes just because I needed it to start, sometimes because it crashed beforehand.
So I started making dot points on a blank paper page  to pass the time while waiting and, after some weeks, it looked like this.

lundi 23 mars 2015

Death Mask

A drawing once in a year, fucking productivism.

Not sure you get the idea, this is a helmet with an horizontal hole to let you see through. The helmet itself is engraved with a skull face.
Not even played The Phantom Pain yet when I started to draw that.

See you next year for the next draw!

samedi 2 août 2014

The Shrike

I'm reading Hyperion since few days...

vendredi 28 mars 2014


Saw from a distance in a dream, realised at work (on my spare time, I swear!).

From my point of view, it's a spaceship view from the top, with a very large red glass disc which is the onboard quantic computer. Somehow inspired by Hyper Light Drifter, I guess.

About the name: my working computer is a pile of junk, so I was about to write a name for the Photoshop file and the computer put three inexplicable 'R' before the extension, don't know why but I took this as a challenge to find a cool name with three 'R' and named it the RedRadiantRadar.

jeudi 25 octobre 2012

Globular Cluster of the Tesseract

Started as a simple dot drawing, and then colorized on PhotoShop (with some techniques from StunnyBoy) to be offered to a very special person for me. As she asked me.

It could seem dull in miniature, but I'm proud of the fact that from a distance, the picture seems drab, but if you zoom on it you can see all the details of the colored stars. Like in the real world!

mercredi 19 septembre 2012

Personal Jesus

Been a long time since my last dot drawing! This one was inspired by The Binding of Isaac, a game I've played for hundreds of hours. I've just imagined the child building his own Christ.

I essentially made it during the first week of an english training. Boring training, as you can imagine. But glad to myself, this was useful after all.
Thanks to my buddy JeanBar', the trip to London was a punch in the face.

mardi 24 avril 2012

Imperial's Flamethrower

Dans l'esprit du Ixien de Juillet dernier, même technique et même but recherché, sauf que là ça a pris un peu moins de deux heures en tout et pour tout. Ma longue session de PhotoShop de l'année dernière aura porté ses fruits, ça fait plaisir...

vendredi 14 octobre 2011

If Jayne Mansfield had met Alfons Mucha...

Basé sur cette photo et inspiré principalement de ce tableauFull PhotoShop, en quelque chose comme trois ou quatre soirées.

dimanche 18 septembre 2011


Une dizaine d'heure pour le dessin de base, 100% PhotoShop, cape réajustée par 'Chelo. Puis trois heures environ de tâtonnement sur la pluie. Ce qu'il faut savoir c'est qu'elle est animée, mais que Blogger ne lit pas l'animation. Do'Ha' comme on dit en Klingon.